Offers decora and pastel inspired accessories that are sugary sweet!

Luscious leather and curious commodities

for the everyday rogue

Making handmade vinyl stickers, of everything from Batman to Pokemon. Also offering small and large prints, a handful of bookmarks and some paintings.

Daniel J. Hogan writes and draws the weekly fantasy-humor comic, Foxes & Boxes, found at

Author and illustrator of Imaginary Sea 1,2,3! and Out and About. She illustrated the web comic, Kitty Game (being released in March) and the game Unreal Estate

An art/ entertainment company producing original comics, Nintendo fan art, and video game streams. CPS also provides creative marketing services like graphic design.

A contemporary painter & illustrator with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from College for Creative Studies in Illustration who has been included in more than 20 groups shows and 3 solos shows across the country.

Local artist, creating art and comics.

 Evan Heuker is a sci-fi/fantasy, action adventure author of the Warriors' Legacy Trilogy.

A comic illustrator and author of the creator owned comic series trojanzer high

A publisher of card and board games. Come play their first two games: Unreal Estate and Stroop. Stay current and win free games by visiting

Selling comics and action figures, also coming to promote Grand Rapids Comic-Con, happening October 20-22 at the DeVos Place and Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids!

A coffee-dependent, sunshine-powered, outer space-loving freelance illustrator, specializing in concept art and character design, and is open for commissions.

The ORIGINAL powered red dot accessory for first-person shooter video games. HSRD's an adjustable laser that identifies the crosshair even when you're not looking down the sights.

This once-traditional-now-digital artist has done work for Marvel Comics, 20th Century FOX and plenty of other notable names. Come see his first indie comic in Super/Angela!

Cakes, cup cakes, chocolates & decorations for all occasions. Be it elegant, nerdy or scary, I am up to any challenge.

Home to the web-comic, The Ascendants. Created by Amanda and Rory Webb, the comic features an adventurous story, pirates, thieves, elves, dwarves, and more for lovers of fantasy!

Misty Bondy is a local artist that specializes in female pop surrealism images with a bit of a creepy twist.

Selling everything from Gundham Wing toys to Pokemon cards, Richard is a long time lover of all things geeky and brings his collection to MeggaXP for the third straight year!

Jeanette Wummel is the creative mind behind The Roots of Design. She is a published illustrator and coloring book artist, who loves to create whimsical and geeky art for all ages!

Tom Savage is a published artist, author, film maker, actor and game designer!

At Silurian Designs we cater to your inner geek.  We have, fish origami, cosplay props and decor for all fandoms!

A digital illustrator who loves all things artsy and nerdy, Stephen creates pop culture and parody based artwork that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

One of a kind handcrafted dolls and plush toys for young and old alike, as well as other sewn geek swag.

Tales Unlimited offers amusing/twisting/different storytelling that should appeal to anyone, regardless of taste.  Novels and short story anthologies will be available for purchase.

Handmade Custom Text and Personalized Jewelry and Accessories with a geeky flair.

One of a kind, custom made messenger bags, shirts- size small to 4x, cross body bags, aprons, bow ties and so much more!

Freelance artist that likes video games more than people :-)

A mother/daughter business selling unique items that will make any geek happy

Daily t-shirt artist, illustrator, designer, videographer and storyteller with a penchant for the whimsical and nerdy.

Artist specializing in handmade or painted snapback hats, flower crowns, deer antlers, and more, whose main focus is LGBTQA+ wear, but also anime and pop culture!

The White Wolf is the home to Nicholas Haney, author and artificer. It is the home to his creative works, whether written or crafted.

From fandom favorites like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, (and more) to one of a kind steampunk pieces - we'll make your look unique and lively!

Pixelated Memories is dedicated to permanently capturing any type of memory you hold dear, be it video game related, movie related or photos of loved ones.

Brian Danhausen is an artist, local author, paranormal researcher and host of the podcast The Paranormal POP....

Jennifer McMyler is a freelance illustrator under Jelly Soup Studios, but also sells a variety of items at cons  with the help of her dying computer "Newt" and Photoshop.


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