• Personalized VIP Con Badge
  • Meggaxp Swag bag filled with limited edition VIP T-Shirt, exclusive VIP con badge, and more gear from MeggaXP and our partners!
  • VIP Seating in all panels and events
  • Free VIP Access to friday's meggaxp kick-off at the foundry
  • Free Entry to saturday night's cosplay after party
  • Everything Included in the meggapass

Ticket information


  • One hour early access to the convention
  • free entry to video game tournaments / challenges
  • free entry to board game tournament / challenges
  • all day access to TABLETOP AND
  • Advanced purchases get personalized badges



1 day meggapass $25


Kids (ages 6-12):

1 day meggapass $15



  • all day access to more than 75 artists, vendors, and exhibitors
  • access to more than two dozen panels and special events
  • free entry to our cosplay contests (adults on saturday, kids and teens on sunday)
  • access to kid's con room



1 day general admission $10 ($15 at door)


Kids (ages 6-12):

1 day general admission $5



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